Laptop Charging Cabinet

Laptop Charging Cart: LCC36 INGER

Laptop Charging Cabinet

Suitable for schools, businesses, airports, meal Hall, Trains and other kinds of charging place

Brand:    Model: LCC36

Base and technical parameters:

  1. Support a flat number of 20 units, compatible with all types of notebook equipment, with regular charging (optional), preservation and mobile function; universal outlet module output port 220V exchange, with the original adapter charging:
  2. The front door with lock for double door, door lock for single door, closed the whole security structure, security storage;
  1. the front of the cabin for internal subdivision of ABS green engineering plastic diaphragm plate placed charging area, student contact area, no power; the rear power management control area can be controlled by professional managers.
  2. integrated power management system: charging work indicator lamp, with timing power supply (optional), overload protection, short-circuit protection, leakage protection, temperature control, intelligent fan and other functions;
  3. it is equipped with 4 3 inch wheels (with brake function), four angle thickening of soft plastic collision angle, ABS ergonomic handle, the top corner arc (more than R10) design, a full range of security protection.
  4. antistatic and anti-scratch, double cooling fan, with temperature sensing, when the mobile charging car temperature is more than or equal to 25 DEG C automatic start and stop the fan;
  5. with more than 2 Road standby power supply interface, easy to connect with other devices; active PEC switching power supply, energy saving; broadband input AC 110V-240V, the international general;
  6. the national CCC certification. (to provide the original documents stamped)
  7. trademark well-known brand products (provided the original documents stamped)
  8. members, Education Industry  Association  (Chinese.  To  provide  the  original  documents stamped)


  1. supports up to 36 laptops charging and managing;
  2. the equipment is equipped with three power outlets to meet the demand of teachers and related personnel for portable computers, projectors and other office equipment;


  1. Integrated power supply, with the use of original adapter;
  2. Door adopts 1.5mm thick steel structure;
  3. Cabinet notebook computer is placed vertically. It has ABS flame retardant plastic interlayer;
  4. All corners are R corners designed to avoid bumps;
  5. the cabinet is equipped with anti-collision ring, to avoid charging cabinet main body and obstacles directly collided, resulting in damage to the circuit and tablet computers and mobile phones;
  6. the cabinet uses the bottom blower, the exhaust exhaust channel design, guarantees the exhaust to be unobstructed;
  7. the cabinet is equipped with an anti-stop structure to make sure that the cabinet is placed in any way and will not block the exhaust outlet. The utility model can effectively prevent the charging cabinet from backing the environment (such as the wall) and block the exhaust outlet from exhausting smoothly;
  8. on the basis of the principle of ergonomics, the cart handle design 3 dimensional angle of the space, the effective protection of the user to push the charging cabinet when muscle fatigue; handle height of 0.95~1.2 meters, with an average height of Chinese habits.

Electrical and electronic safety measures:

  1. configure leakage protection switch;;
  2. two times short circuit, overload, over current, over temperature, surge proof, lightning protection;
  3. charging motherboard output overload, overcurrent intelligent control, to ensure that the output of the tablet PC and mobile phone current, voltage, stability and safety;
  4. switch power output low ripple, lower than 100mV, to ensure the stability of charging electrical parameters, effectively protect battery life;
  5. a. mains input control terminal circuit board and b. switching power supply
  6. charging motherboard three important electrical and electronic devices are located in different independent cavities, avoid signal interference and external radiation exceed the standard, the full protection of teachers and students and the surrounding health personnel.
  7. The charging board outputs charging current according to the battery of the tablet computer and the mobile phone. When the battery is full, the charging port closes automatically to prevent overcharge and damage the battery. Save energy at the same time;
  8. configure soft start switch circuit, circuit and terminal equipment from instantaneous current impact.
1 Product Name Laptop  charging  cabinet
2 product mark INGER
3 Product number LCC20
4 manufacturer HEFEI  INGERTEK Co., Ltd.



structural materials

1.5MM / 1.2MM steel structure + ABS engineering plastics
6 Appearance color gray (customizable)



structure combination

the left side of the power control area, the front of the computer placement and LED indicator area




4 (after two rounds can be brakes), brake mute universal casters
9 Product appearance size 1015*850*520mm
10 lock lock plane
11 Input voltage 100-240V
12 Input frequency 47-63HZ
13 Input power 750W
14 output voltage 5.0  +/_0.2V


Output short circuit protection  




Over temperature protection 65±5 ℃          Automatic recovery after cooling
17 Output ripple and noise ≤100          Rated input and output full load


dielectric [electrical]


Input to output 2000Vac/10mA/1min without arcing, without breakdown


dielectric [electrical]


Input to ground, 2000Vac/10mA/1min, no arcing, no breakdown


dielectric [electrical]


Output to ground, 1500Vac/10mA/1min, no arcing, no breakdown
21 RCCB 1PC    <1.0mA(Vin=220Vac)

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Packaging Details:

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Quality assurance and after-sales service

Warranty period

  1. 3 years (electrical part 1 years, the power supply module for two years, mechanical parts for 3 years)
  2. Warranty start date to start counting from the date of the acceptance of goods

Non-warranty scope

  1. Due to his intentional misconduct or gross negligence caused by the product damage or loss of the supplier does not undertake any responsibility.
  2. Abnormal working way or environmental conditions lead to failure
  3. Prior approval by the user to tear open outfit while lead to equipment failure
  4. Damage caused by force majeure